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Public 3ds Project 3DS - Europe, Japan, Canada Die Design Development /r/user/0575ae88-4743-44d1-810b-f2a6ec9c5d26
Public climatologia2015 Sistemas de previsão portugal Sistemas de previsão portugal continental /r/user/0575ae88-4743-44d1-810b-f2a6ec9c5d26
Pre-trained models for named entity recognition in Portuguese, using the categories, types and subtypes of the Second HAREM dataset as entity classes.
Public uinovacelerator U.InovAcelerator: Um Modelo de Indicadores de Inovação em Contexto Académico Based on an informational perspective on I&D+i (Research and Development and innovation) and entrepreneurship, it is presented a investigation applied to the knowledge transfer and the process of innovation in the University in the context of a Information Science, study area of Information Management. An exploratory study took place, which allowed to identify the internal and external agents, the resources, the relations between actors and institutions, the processes and flows, and the main inputs and outputs. The most relevant result is embodied in a model of innovation indicators in an academic context and its consequent adequation to the University of Porto. The dataset includes indicators of many institutions, as COTEC Portugal, INE and OCDE and were analyzed according to Systemic Theory, Quadripolar Method, bibliometric analysis and statistical and mathematical methods. /r/user/0575ae88-4743-44d1-810b-f2a6ec9c5d26
Public reconciliar (Re)Conciliar: Impacto da Conciliação Trabalho-Família na Parentalidade e no Desenvolvimento das Crianças Work-family balance and child rearing are major social concerns. Few studies, however, have addressed how parents work-family conflict (WFC) associates with children's emotion regulation. This study proposes the link to occur through parents' psychological availability (PA). The model tested both intraindividual and interindividual effects on a sample of 138 dual-earner couples with preschool-aged children. The results showed that WFC related negatively to PA (actor and partner effects); fathers' and mothers' PA associated negatively with child lability and positively with child emotion regulation. Indirect effects wer found for fatgers' and mothers' WFC and children's emotion regulation and lability through partners' PA, controlling for child gender and temperament. The findings showed a dyadic pattern amng cuples' work-family balance, parenting, and children's emotion regulation. /r/user/0575ae88-4743-44d1-810b-f2a6ec9c5d26
Public hatespeech01 Hate speech dataset annotated for Portuguese 5,668 messages were collected on Twitter, from 1,156 distinct users and classified as containing hate speech. For this annotation it was used a hierarchical structure of classes. A multiclass and multilabel approach was considered. Two different formats of the dataset are provided, plus the hierarchy of classes. /r/user/0575ae88-4743-44d1-810b-f2a6ec9c5d26